Topics covered in this course:

Chapter 1 - What Makes a Great Team

What is a Team?

Different Types of Teams

A Great Team

Leading a Great Team

Chapter 2 - Development

How to Develop a Team

Stages of Team Development

Identifying Areas of Development

Chapter 3 - Team Dynamics

DISC Personality Types

The GRIP Model

Building with what you have

Establishing Team Norms

Chapter 4 - Leadership vs Management

What is a Leader and Who is a Manager?

Leadership Styles

Situational Leadership


Chapter 5 - A Good Leader

Qualities of a Good Leader

A Lean Leader

Role Modelling

The Art of Delegation

Managing Time

Chapter 6 - Effective Leadership

The Tools for Effective Leadership

Conducting Waste Walks

Planning Team Meetings

Implementing Visual Management

Standardising your Work

End of Module

25 Question Knowledge Assessment

 A Team Leading & Management Case Study Assignment (OPTIONAL)

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Advanced Course

  • Graded Assignment with coach feedback
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Course Preview

A definitive guide to becoming a more effective leader

  • What makes a great team
  • How to develop a team
  • Why team dynamics are important
  • Understand difference leadership styles
  • Establishing team norms
  • Leadership Vs Management
  • Qualities of a good leader
  • Time management
  • Powerful tools to become an effective leader

We have provided 2 options for this course.

Option 1 – Standard Course

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Option 2 – Advanced Course

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  • The assignment is based around a case study and you will be encouraged to design your own approach to performance management.
  • This option is recommended for anyone wanting to apply their knowledge to a real-life situation with expert guidance.

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