Topics covered in this Module:

Chapter 1 - Introduction to Performance Management

What is Performance Management

Drawbacks to using a traditional approach to performance management

Using Performance Management as part of a Continuous Improvement system

The Plan Do Check Act Cycle

A Performance Management Model

Chapter 2 - Defining Purpose

Defining Organisational Purpose

Value Drivers

Chapter 3 - Measure

Deciding what to measure & when?

Different Measurement Systems

Creating a Balanced Scorecard

Input & Output Metrics

Leading & Lagging Metrics

Building a Performance Hierarchy

Building a KPI Cascade

Chapter 4 - Performance Discussions

Creating a Focal Point

Performance Discussions

Using Targets, Goals & Pledges Effectively

Keeping information up to date

Establishing Routines

Chapter 5 - Understanding Results

Using Data Effectively

Visualising Data

Using Data to make Decisions

Chapter 6 - Taking Action to Improve Performance

Understanding Gaps in Performance

Capturing & Quantifying Concerns

Improving Performance

End of Module

25 Question Knowledge Assessment

 A Performance Management Case Study Assignment (OPTIONAL)

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Performance Management Course Details

  • This course is ideal for anyone wanting to improve performance of team, department or even an entire organisation
  • This course will show how to design and implement performance management as part of a continuous improvement system of working
  • Covering some essential tools and techniques that will enable you to know what to measure, when to measure it and most importantly how to improve it.

We have provided 2 options for this course.

Option 1 – Standard Course

  • You will have access to all the course material, interactive quizzes and downloadable content. This option is ideal for anyone wanting to gain a good understanding of the subject.

Option 2 – Advanced Course

  • Access to all of the above, additional downloadable content and a practical assignment that you can submit for review with on of our expert coaches.
  • The assignment is based around a case study and you will be encouraged to design your own approach to performance management.
  • This option is recommended for anyone wanting to apply their knowledge to a real-life situation with expert guidance.

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