Topics covered in this course:

Chapter 1 - Introduction to Visual Management

What is Visual Management

Visual Management as part of a Continuous Improvement System

Different Types of Visual Management

Examples of Visual Management in Manufacturing & Logistics

Examples of Visual Management in Office Environments

Examples of Visual Management in Health Care

Examples of Visual Management in Construction

Principles of Visual Management

Chapter 2 - Designing Visual Management

Design Considerations

How to Design Effective Visual Management

Visualising Data

Using virtual tools

Chapter 3 - Implementing Visual Management

Step by Step Guide to Successfully Implementing Visual Management

Sustaining Visual Management

End of Module

Design your own visual management board Assignment

Visual management board template downloads

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Advanced Course

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Course Preview

Course Details

  • Visual management is a powerful and proactive tool that is widely used when implementing continuous improvement. There are many different applications of this tool ranging shop floor layouts, signage, tool boards and even IT based dashboards.
  • Visual management is not a tool that is found on production lines, it can be applied to any number of environments, Offices, hospitals, construction sites and even super markets.
  • Visual management is all around us, even if you know it yet. In this course we will show you some essential techniques that will help you understand all aspects of visual management.
  • Chapter 1 – Learn the definitions and principles of visual management and how it fits into an overall system of continuous improvement. Discover some real-world examples of visual management and how it can be applied across different industry sectors.
  • Chapter 2 – Learn how to design your own visual management. Looking at key design considerations and some useful tips to get you started. Also in this chapter, we will show you how to turn data in clear visuals.
  • Chapter 3 – We will share with you a helpful guide to successfully implementing visual management and ensuring it is sustained.
  • There will be short a quiz at the end of each chapter and there will then be an assignment that you can submit for review with one of our expert coaches.

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